Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Opening of the 9th Sintra Public Art exhibition | Abertura da IX exposição Sintra Arte Pública

 Titan - fragment

 Sintra's town palace

 Here are some other works that can be seen for one year in the town of Sintra
 Vicent william's piece: "Memories of Madagascar"

explaining my work.

Elliot Sharrad: "Stories from the time of dreams"

 Haude Barnabé: "Erzhulie"

Carlos Bajouca: "Sin"

 Stefano Beccari: "Siren"

Moisés: "Logos - Ansa"

Nicolau Campos: "Imprisoned dragon"

 A crowd of Sculptors

Livio de Morais: "Maternity"

 José Alves: "Faun" here explained by Ana Bensabat

 Renato Rodyner: "Continuation of the myth"

 Diogo Rosa: "Eve", here in the company of Sandra Borges

 Master Carver Avelino Baleia: "Compressed"

 Patrick Adam: "Time"

 Linda de Sousa: "Dafne"

Abilio Febra: "The legend of the warrior musician"

 group photos

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