Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Convite | Invitation

Sábado, dia 30 de Outubro inaugura a exposição coletiva "Convergências" na Oficina de Cultura em Almada - 16 h

Saturday, October 30, the group exhibition "Convergências" opens at the Oficina de Cultura in Almada - 4 pm

Saturday, October 2, 2021

Texto do Catálogo da autoria de | Catalog text written by | Luis Filipe Gomes


The horizons to be built

We live in a time when the horizon escapes contemplation. We find ourselves lost in the vortex. We tilt.

There are reports from distant cities in the industrial haze where large billboards of bright lights herald the sunrise and sunset.

More present and more closed borders delimit territories and forbid what was once free. Humanity that always walked and rose up walking is now confined.

Once the borders are closed to people, only goods pass and people pass as goods.

There has never been so much segregation or so many walls have ever been erected.

Hope is an imprecise line that the gaze guesses in space and time. Not giving up requires a continued effort to overcome a myriad of obstacles but there is no alternative to the mirage.

Light finally materializes colours and shapes. The inner light that reveals a reality that no “smog” can cloud. It is the artist's job and responsibility to bring on that light.

Materialize the horizons, concretize the colour that perception does not find in a tube of paint; synthesize influences and concerns; recovering wreckage from shipwrecks; reuse salvage to build again; bearing in mind archaeology, history, science and, together with this memory and understanding, the search for totality is what Beatriz Cunha and Branislav Mihajlovic propose here in this exhibition.

Reflecting, finding solutions, giving answers and arousing curiosity to ask again, to understand the unexplained, this is what characterizes this philosophical and officinal work shown here.

Luís Filipe Gomes

Inauguração da Exposição "Heavy Colours" | Opening of the Exhibition "Heavy Colors"

 Inauguração da Exposição "Heavy Colours" na Galeria de Arte do Casino Estoril

Opening of the Exhibition "Heavy Colors" at the Casino Estoril Art Gallery

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Montagem da exposição "Heavy Colours" | Mounting the exhibition "Heavy Colors"

Galeria de Arte do Casino Estoril - Escultura de Beatriz Cunha | Pintura de Branislav Mihajlovic

Casino Estoril Art Gallery - Sculpture by Beatriz Cunha | Painting by Branislav Mihajlovic

Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Convite | Invitation

Com abertura no dia 30 de Setembro pelas 19 h a exposição "Heavy Colours" Escultura de Beatriz Cunha e Pintura de Branislav Mihajlovic, na Galeria de Arte do Casino Estoril vai estar patente          até 25 de Outubro

Opening on September 30th at 7pm, the exhibition "Heavy Colors" Sculpture by Beatriz Cunha and Painting by Branislav Mihajlovic, at Casino Estoril Art Gallery, will be on display until 25th October

Friday, February 5, 2021

O meu trabalho em destaque na revista Caras Decoração | My work featured in "Caras Decoração" magazine

A revista Caras Decoração, escolheu o meu trabalho para destaque na rubrica intitulada Página Ilustrada, do número de Fevereiro. Coordenação da jornalista Patrícia Rocha

 The magazine "Caras Decoração", chose my work to be featured in the section entitled "Página Ilustrada", of the February issue. Coordination of journalist Patrícia Rocha

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Monday, October 5, 2020


Sem Limites 

PCB4p - Sem Limites - Fórum da Maia | No Limits - Maia Forum




Sem Limites | No Limits

25 de Setembro a 18 de Outubro

Galerias do Fórum da Maia

Exposição “Sem Limites”, no Fórum da Maia

SOS ARTE PT e a Câmara Municipal da Maia, através do seu Pelouro da Cultura, estabeleceram uma parceria com vista à apresentação física da exposição “Sem Limites”, na qual participam mais de 100 artistas.

“Sem Limites” é uma mostra de A a Z, sem restrições de idade, género, disciplina ou tendência.

“Sem Limites” foi o nome encontrado por cinco curadores - António Cerveira Pinto, Fátima Lambert, Margarida Sardinha, Nuno Sacramento e Regina Frank, para a primeira exposição promovida pelo movimento SOS ARTE PT em pleno período de emergência nacional provocado pela pandemia causada pelo novo Corona vírus.

September 25th to October 18th

Maia Forum Galleries

Exhibition “Sem Limites”(No Limits), at Maia Forum

SOS ARTE PT and the Maia City Council, through their Department of Culture, established a partnership with a view to the physical presentation of the exhibition “Sem Limites”, in which more than 100 artists participate.

“Sem Limites” is a show from A to Z, without restrictions on age, gender, discipline or trend.

“Sem Limites” was the name found by five curators - António Cerveira Pinto, Fátima Lambert, Margarida Sardinha, Nuno Sacramento and Regina Frank - for the first exhibition promoted by the SOS ARTE PT movement in the middle of a national emergency caused by the pandemic created by the new Corona virus.

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