Saturday, October 2, 2021

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The horizons to be built

We live in a time when the horizon escapes contemplation. We find ourselves lost in the vortex. We tilt.

There are reports from distant cities in the industrial haze where large billboards of bright lights herald the sunrise and sunset.

More present and more closed borders delimit territories and forbid what was once free. Humanity that always walked and rose up walking is now confined.

Once the borders are closed to people, only goods pass and people pass as goods.

There has never been so much segregation or so many walls have ever been erected.

Hope is an imprecise line that the gaze guesses in space and time. Not giving up requires a continued effort to overcome a myriad of obstacles but there is no alternative to the mirage.

Light finally materializes colours and shapes. The inner light that reveals a reality that no “smog” can cloud. It is the artist's job and responsibility to bring on that light.

Materialize the horizons, concretize the colour that perception does not find in a tube of paint; synthesize influences and concerns; recovering wreckage from shipwrecks; reuse salvage to build again; bearing in mind archaeology, history, science and, together with this memory and understanding, the search for totality is what Beatriz Cunha and Branislav Mihajlovic propose here in this exhibition.

Reflecting, finding solutions, giving answers and arousing curiosity to ask again, to understand the unexplained, this is what characterizes this philosophical and officinal work shown here.

Luís Filipe Gomes

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