Sunday, March 21, 2010

Portuguese Artist Joana Vasconcelos at CCB

Born in Paris, 1971, where her father was exiled in consequence of the Portuguese regime of the time. She interprets the world through her unique reading of the mentalities, mythologies and iconographies of consumer society. Crossing tradition with modernity, the collective unconscious with history and the sublime with the symbolic, she questions identity, be it based on gender, class or nationality.

The bride, a gigantic chandelier made of OB tampons, questioning virginity as a resilient myth in many societies.

Pans and lids can become a glamorous shoe

Picnic plastic forks create these Portuguese filigree inspired hearts

A sofa made of Aspirin blisters


Scarlata said...

Deve ser porreira essa mostra, dela so conhecia o candeiro, que fez un certo furor...

José Carrilho (Go Detail) said...


Ainda não tive oportunidade de ver uma das suas obras.
O sapato tem o nome de Marylin.


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